Andre Leon Talley Has a Westchester Life

23 Oct


Work it, Mr. Talley

My world was rocked (ever so slightly) when I read the news that Mr. Vogue himself resided in Westchester. The same Westchester that felt so unchic five years ago when I made the mecca up from the city? Could it be true?

Not only does he reside in Westchester, he claims to reside in “Worthington.” Um… I think you mean Greenburgh. Although I agree, André , that just does not have the same caché as Worthington, which sounds a bit more Grey Gardens than White Plains neighbor.

Either way, it made my day. If ever I was worried that an outfit was a little more “city” than my little suburb could handle, I’ll just think of Mr. Talley and his magnificent Chado Ralph Rucci cape, perched upon a barstool at City Limits diner (his favorite jaunt? Really?) Sigh.


One Response to “Andre Leon Talley Has a Westchester Life”

  1. Deirdre November 15, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    I loved this story! I can’t imagine seeing this dude anywhere suburban, like on the train platform. Blogged about it briefly myself…

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