Confessions of an A.D.D. Gardener

23 Oct

Warning: Objects are weedier than they appear.

I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t really like gardening. I mean, while I like the idea of gardening, and I get totally pumped in the spring to start with a clean slate and create a pretty veggie garden, or see some flowers sprout from the soil, I really am just not that into it.

You see, when hubby and I purchased this house 3 years ago, in all of it’s 1.5-acre glory, the suburban girl in me saw visions of weekends spent relaxing outdoors, quietly weeding and planting and enjoying the yard. The city girl in me saw visions of weekends spent slave to outdoor chores, cursing under my breath as I pull up yet another damn weed, and wondering why I moved here to begin with.

So now it’s Fall, and the time when I should be cleaning up outdoors, and moving those beautiful peonies that were planted in an ill-conceived spot. But I just don’t have it in me. I’m over it. So I’ll ignore the signs of yard death, and stew all winter long at my unkempt, unprepped property, so that in the spring I can muster up the strength to do something about it for a day or two, and brag online about what a great gardener I am.


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