Westchester: There’s an App For That?

23 Oct

These days there’s an App for everything. That is, if you’re an iPhoner. If you’re a Blackberry user, well, I offer my condolences. And Androiders? You’re unfortunately second-class citizens in the App world. That might change in the coming years, but for now, iPhone is iNumeroUno.

This got me thinking… are there any useful Westchester-centric Apps out there? A little bit of digging uncovered these:

Garage Sale PennySaver (Free)Innnteresting. So PennySaver, whose success I can’t quite wrap my head around, is light years ahead of the competition with an app that tracks garage sales in the Hudson Valley. Bottom line? Meh. It’s not elegant in the least. The scrolling is a little wonky. It basically is a text-based list of tag sales. The web links in each posting I tried didn’t work. The map doesn’t seem to let you search from your current location. All in all, you’re better off pulling up Craigslist.

Authentic Church (Free) So apparently there’s a church in White Plains called Authentic Church. I’m Jewish, what do I know. But their tagline is “Know God. Grow Together. Show Love.” Clever, says the copywriter. The app currently has a handful of entries you can watch video of or listen to just audio. Cute idea, albeit not for me. I’m sure God, however, would be proud to know his messages have gone mobile.

News 12 Mobile (Free)  – Caveat: this app is free but only to Optimum customers, using their Optimum ID and password. I am not an Optimum customer, so I can’t tell you what this thing looks like. However they get a 3 (out of 5) star rating in the AppStore, with 31 ratings.

Good-life Gourmet (Free)This catering company serves Westchester, Southern CT and NYC, and has gourmet sandwich shops in Irvington and Scarsdale. The app has QR code capabilities, where users can “check in” via scan from the sandwich shop, and earn free sandwiches and merchandise for reaching certain levels. For example, 9 scans earn you a free sandwich. Pretty cool! Other than that the app doesn’t offer much, except for a TON of copy about who they are and what they do. What would be smart is if you could view menus straight from the app and even place orders. Hint, hint.

WVOX Radio (Free)WVOX is a community-focused AM radio station (1460) that serves Westchester, Fairfield, Long Island and NYC. This app is basically streaming radio in it’s purest form. As soon as the app opens it starts streaming content. I don’t know how valuable that is, considering the audience for AM radio is dying, but I guess in the event that zombies take over Westchester, it’s nice to know you can pull up a radio signal from your trusty iPhone and find a safe zone to escape the madness. Unless zombies have also attacked WVOX station and the DJs are dead. Then you’re screwed.

iTransit Buddy Metronorth ($1.99)Super smart if you’re a commuter, and even though it’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee, I still have to really want an App to pay for it. A better idea? Go to the Metronorth website from your iPhone or iPad, pull up the schedule for your stations, and screenshot it (simultaneously push the iPhone’s round button and the power button on the top of the phone). That way you always have train times saved in your photo album. I just saved you $1.99. You can buy me a cup of coffee if you’d like…

Bottom line? LoHud + Westchester Magazine should step up their game… they could be true trailblazers in the space if they act fast!

Readers: what type of Westchester-centric App would you like to see?


One Response to “Westchester: There’s an App For That?”

  1. LocalBuzzWestchester (@LocalBuzzWestch) November 1, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    Thank you for mentioning Good Life Gourmet!

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