What’s Next, Mt. Kisco?

23 Oct

Now that Borders has gone the way of the Dodo, I wonder what will next occupy that amazing building. I don’t have such high hopes, you know. Between the super exciting “Joseph. A. Banks” store and the influx of CVS stores per square mile in this region, my expectations are decidedly low.

Here’s my suggested list of what should go into the old Borders space:

  • A roller skating rink. How fun would a Northern Westchester Moms Roller Derby tourny be?? It could be teams like “The Tahoes” vs “The Range Rovers” or “Saw Mill Clubs” vs “Saw Mill Easts”
  • A Trader Joes. Now I know this will never happen as long as old Mrs. Green is around, which is disappointing. Have you ever signed up for their “loyalty program?” It’s only good the first Tuesday of every month. Really, Mrs. Green? I’ll take a Trader Joe any day of the week.
  • A mini Bloomingdales. Just like Bloomies SoHo!! How great would this be – a hip little offshoot of the NY institution…just run on in for a last minute makeup application before a night out prowling at Village Social!
  • A Vietnamese restaurant. Sure – this isn’t even logical given the size of the space. But I had to just throw it out there as I (un)officially started the “Bring Vietnamese Food to Westchester” campaign. Seriously. Bo luc lac. Have you had it? It’s amazing. You’ll love it. Trust me.
  • Another book store. There’s a novel idea. Just because Borders failed globally doesn’t mean Mt Kisco can’t keep a bookstore in business. I for one think that Borders was always pretty bustling, and there almost always was a line to checkout. C’mon, naysayers. Books are not dead. Books are not dead!!!

Well there you have it. My list for proposed Borders space tenants. By the time you read this, I’m sure someone like Chase bank has leased the space.


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