“Rumor Has It…”

5 Jan

I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I feel like if I qualify what I say with the precursor that “Rumor has it,” I’m letting the listener know that I too heard this piece of juicy info from somewhere and I don’t know for sure if it’s true. I’m not usually a gossip mill – and I certainly don’t spread gossip about individuals (tsk, tsk) – but this kind of “neighborhood news” is something I have a knack for. Just today, I shared with my Tweeps that “rumor has it” HomeGoods was turned down by the landlord of the former Borders space, choosing not to accept their bid, which was $10/sq ft  under asking price. I don’t know what asking price was, but sounds to me like that landlord may have just shot him/herself in the foot. A space of that size can only sustain a big-box retailer, and as we all know, no-one pays full price anymore. The concept of HomeGoods probably has the longest shelf life of any business out there right now, short of banks – and well, let’s not even get started on that.

Rumor also has it that another burger joint is coming to Mt Kisco, in the space once occupied by 353, on North Bedford Road. Let’s hope it’s better than the “current” burger place that just landed here, which isn’t that good. Rumor has it that burger place, in it’s first month of opening, forced customers to wait in line outside, only letting in 3 people at a time, so as not to “overwhelm their staff.” Sounds to me like their staff is still overwhelmed.

Rumor has it that Mt Kisco police may be replaced with county police. Not sure why, or what this even means. It’s just what I heard.

And just like that, all the news that’s fit for gossip. Anyone have any “rumors” to share?


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