10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

2 Feb

1) I was on Wheel of Fortune when I was 21. That’s right, I got to spin that wheel, baby. And I won $6k to boot, and a year’s supply of Trident gum (which I didn’t know at the time I would have to pay taxes on. Good thing I didn’t take the denture cream parting gift, too). I may have won more money, but I lost my turn after asking for the wrong letter to a puzzle that ended up being “The Ozark Mountains.” Let’s just say I’ll never forget those damn mountains as long as I live.

2) Speaking of mountains, I fell off a cliff in Israel. When I was 17 I went on a 6-week adventure to the motherland. During a rock-climbing excursion in the Negev, which my travel mates and I were clearly not qualified to do (and not strapped to anything for), I lost my balance and plummeted 15 feet onto rocks. The Israeli Army had to come in and “pully” me up the side of a cliff, strapped to a stretcher, and then take me to a local hospital by Jeep, over rugged, rocky terrain. Let’s just say it was not my shining moment. I didn’t find out until weeks later (back home in the US) that I had broken a bone in my tush. My new theme song became “Baby Got (Broken) Back.”

3) I interned for Howard Stern. I spent a summer during college as Robin Quivers’ news intern, which meant I had to prepare all the “wild and wacky” news for her radio segment each day. I also had the pleasure of serving Mister T a t-bone steak (which I had to personally procure at 5:45am). I once got a contact high from Snoop Dog and his endo-smoking entourage, and I even had to blow-dry Howard’s pants on-air (not while they were on him, of course), which also made it onto the E! show. Brilliant. Another shining moment, this one captured on film. Thank goodness for that journalism degree.

4) I haven’t spoken to my mother since the day after my wedding, four years ago. Our relationship had always been tumultuous and dysfunctional, and after a very unflattering rendition of it played out at my wedding, I decided that the relationship had reached such a toxic level, that for my own mental wellness I had to walk away. It’s been hard to cope with at times, but I stand by my decision and feel stronger every day for it.

5) I once talked my way into a round trip upgrade to first class on British Air – for myself AND my girlfriend. I convinced the check-in girl at JFK that my office was supposed to have taken care of the upgrade earlier in the week. She felt so badly that it wasn’t in the system, she sheepishly apologized and told us she would put the upgrades through, no problem. This was pre-9/11 — I doubt something like this would ever “fly” these days, but dang if there isn’t anything better than first class on British Air. I’m talking leather bound menus, comprehensive wine list, cozy slippers… the works. That trip to London was the bees knees. Do I feel bad about lying? Um…hmm…no. It would have been a crime for those comfy, fully-reclining seats to have stayed empty all flight. (I’m talking full-on horizontal beds, people!)

6)  My son’s middle name is Hendrix, after Jimi. I walked down the aisle to an acoustic rendition of “Little Wing.” And Jack Hendrix is now our Little Wing.

7) My hubby and I met online. On Friendster. Which has since been converted to a Japanese networking site, I think. But I saved my log-in and profile just so I could keep the messages we sent to each other before we actually met in person.

8) I’m obsessed with all things Real Housewives. It’s kind of crazy. Not only do I look forward to each new episode, but I read the recaps afterward. Yes, I know… think of all the humanitarian things I could do with the time I suck away on this junk. I know this, but I can’t stop. It’s an addiction. I love the New Jersey and Beverly Hills gals the best.

9) I spent a few years as a fashion stylist. I did photo shoots for Matrix/L’Oreal and editorials for fashion magazines like Oyster. I worked with such notable photogs as Dah Len, Mick Rock and Tony Notarberardino, and genius makeup artists like Donald Simrock and Miriam Azoulay. And I realized that fashion is exhaaauuusting.

10) I had a dear friend commit suicide 6 years ago. He lived a very troubled life as a gay man whose family would not support his lifestyle. He grappled with addiction. And he battled depression. He was also one of the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful men I’ve ever known. I think of him often and hope that wherever he is, they are playing Golden Girls on a continuous loop just for him.

What don’t I know about you? Please share!


3 Responses to “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me”

  1. sheila February 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    I lived in Japan as a child and apparently could sing Japanese pop sings with gusto (my mom has the audio tapes). I only remember a few words of it now.
    I secretly read trashy novels when under stress which makes me thankful for my kindle so no one can see the covers. They require absolutely no thought which is the only thing that turns off my churning brain.
    I sang to my husband at our wedding and then sang Etta James “At Last” to my brother and his wife at their wedding in the Puck building. I had not practiced with the band in advance. My loving brother neglected to tell me it was “their song” and the first dance. I was pregnant with my second child at the time and couldn’t drink any courage beforehand.
    In college, my roommate and I flew to Florida for spring break with nowhere to stay. We knew a bunch of kids going to different parts of the state and just sort of hitched rides to where they were and became hotel squatters for the week. We went to West Palm, Singer Island, Boca Raton and one other place I can’t remember. My kids don’t believe that a list-oriented planner like myself could have done something like that.

  2. Mama Nar February 2, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    I am addicted to general hospital and have religiously watched it since elementary school.

  3. sheri February 8, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    Oh Sarah – who knew? “Little Wing” is my fave Hendrix song (discovered on the “Layla” album and loved ever since). And I’ve listend to Howard Stern religiously for almost 30 years. Would LOVE to hear about that! Thanks for sharing – an engaging read as always! 🙂

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