Local People Who Make Me… Happy

22 Feb

1) Juan at Pour Mt Kisco. It’s not only that he’s super friendly and has an infectious smile, but he has cleverly named drinks after himself, like the Juantini. I coined one after him too — the Gin & Juanic. Go visit him. He’ll make you smile.

2) Amy, the yoga instructor for my Tuesday AM Vinyasa class at Saw Mill East. Her energy is so calming and her class is just amazing. She also has the best yoga soundtrack ever, which includes Dave Matthews, Tracy Chapman and Adele. Need I say more? The light within me sees the light within you, girl.

3) The guys behind the counter at Belizzi. On nights when the hubby is covering the Knicks at MSG, I often stop here on my way home from picking up Jack from daycare and get the two of us some pizza for dinner. Jack doesn’t yet understand why when you get a slice they put it back in the oven first to warm it up. This step of the process often makes him cry. Because if there’s anything my son loves, it’s pizza, and when it “disappears” he thinks he’s not going to get to eat it. Belizzi guys to the rescue. They always hook it up and pass Jack an Italian roll to chew on while he waits for his disappearing pizza to reappear. Bravo, guys. Ya’ll must be dads…

4) Maria Colaco makes me happy, period. Sure, she’s my friend, so I’m biased. But seriously – she is one of the reasons I truly love Mt Kisco… And she’s moving away this summer. So needless to say I’m totally heartbroken. I’ll have to get my fix of her while she’s still here, which means it’s time to re-invigorate those weekly coffee dates, mama. No excuses!!

5) Jack’s daycare teachers at Kaleidoscope. Those ladies are so loving and thoughtful, and treat Jack with such care. I can tell each morning that I drop him off how happy he is to be there, and that makes ME happy. Nothing is better than seeing your kid’s eyes light up at the person/people who takes care of him during the day. So thanks, Anika (‘nika!) , Zaneta (‘netta!)  and Nicole (‘cole!).

There are my good vibe shout outs for the week. Who makes you happy? Share the love, here!


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