Westchester Secrets

3 Mar

Everyone’s got secrets. Some of them are more scandalous than others. Mine involve the little “gems” I’ve discovered that I can’t believe the whole world doesn’t already know about. Because I’m feeling especially giving and community-oriented at the moment, I’m going to share some of my secret jaunts with you. Namaste.

Goldfish Oyster Bar (Ossining) – Monday through Wednesday, Goldfish has a $16 3-course pre-fixe menu. I know that looks like it could be a typo, but it’s not. I’ve never been a fan of “discounted” fish, or seafood deals. It usually ends with something “fishy,” if you know what I mean. But Goldfish somehow manages to serve a pretty awesome 3-course meal for the same price as a single cocktail at some other nearby spots.

Oriental Foot Reflexology (Mount Kisco) – I’ve never felt terribly guilty about paying $125 for a massage at a good spa. Since I spent 10+ hours each day hunched over my MacBook, I consider it a business expense (at least in my own mind, if not to the IRS). However, after my first visit to Oriental Foot Reflexology, I now can say I feel foolish spending the big bucks for an hour at the spa… when I can spend $35 here and emerge just as relaxed. Don’t let the fluorescent lights in the front fool you. While you may not get the sauna or steam room (I never use those anyway), and you don’t get to hang in a relaxation room pre-treatment, you do get one hour of an amaaazing leg and foot massage, in a comfy, fully reclining chair, beneath dim lights. They also give you a cup of hot ginger tea when you’re done. Just don’t tell everyone about this place, okay? I want to be able to still score an appointment every now and then.

Loehmann’s (White Plains) – I am a Loehmann’s Platinum Card Member. Yep, that’s right. Apparently I spend enough in this place to warrant a card that gives me a year-round discount on top of the discount on top of the discount. It’s exhausting, really, just adding up all the money I save at Loehmann’s. I spend most of my time in the Back Room where on any given day there are awesome deals on Theory, Donna Karan, Tracy Reece, Alice + Olivia and Nanette Lepore. And while the “open plan” dressing room is a bit of a fiasco (“Why is that woman trying on pants that are clearly 6 sizes too small?? They’re not gonna fit, lady!”) it’s worth the madness to know you’re scoring a pretty sweet deal.

Mount Kisco Seafood (Mount Kisco) – Sure, this place is no secret. Everyone who’s anyone in Northern Westchester gets their fish from here. What you may not know that they sell some delish seafood-based soups and bisques in their refrigerated section. And at $5 a half quart, $10 for a quart, they are a total steal.

Cornerstone Caterers (Rye) -Ok, I’m slightly biased. These guys catered my wedding. But let me just tell you, they make the meanest carrot cake in the county. It’s so good that I asked them to make me a carrot cake wedding cake. Booya.

Captain Lawrence Brewery Tasting Room (Elmsford) -The hubby and I love coming here for a few samples on a Saturday afternoon. There’s always a crowd, and it’s the perfect excuse for an afternoon nip (or three). Sampling is free, however in their new location you have to buy the sample glass (for $2) which you get to keep, and can bring back with you each time. A minor inconvenience, really, but they’re cute glasses and at $2, a total steal.

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite county deals, steals and secrets with you… what are some of yours?


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