Random Thoughts. This One Goes to 11.

19 Apr

1. I’m tired of being asked by blogs and websites and Mother-Theresa types, “Do you ever let your toddler watch TV?” Like it’s a bad thing. Honestly. Didn’t we all grow up on Sesame Street and Scooby Doo? Cut a working mom some slack. TV is my friend, and Jack’s too. (In moderation of course, yada yada yada…yawn.)

2. The Hunger Games. I just started the book and I can’t put it down. Ridiculousness. And what kind of name is Peeta? I want to shmear him with hummus.

3. Speaking of books. is anyone other than me tired of hearing about 50 Shades already? Yes, it’s racy, and yes it’s sexy. But it’s also so poorly written I found myself red-penning the entire thing in my head. (Did no one edit this book before it was published??) So please stop, people. Go have sex with your spouse or significant. Get tied up. Then move on, let’s talk about something else. Like vampire babies.

4. Tupac’s back. Thank god for that, because I was afraid I’d never see him again.

5. Did you know you can bake with bacon? I didn’t either. Until now.

6. I wish it could just be Sunday already. You know why? Because the bitches are back.

7. My hubby has been doing this weird Paleo diet where he eats like a caveman. He’s lost weight. I’ve been doing the diet, sort of, in a non-committal way, by default. I haven’t lost any weight. How is this fair? Don’t answer this question.

8. I think there’s a spray tan in my future. I’m a firm believer in SPF protection, but not at the expense of looking like Casper’s sister. Which I kind of do.

9. It’s my birthday next month, and I really want this, because I used to have one when I was like 17 and I’d like to pretend I’m young again. Can someone tell my hubby please?

10. Seriously, my culinary weakness in Mt Kisco is without a doubt the bipimbap at NEO Bistro. I guess it’s quite possible this answers question #7.

11. Does anyone else find Jacuzzi tubs creepy?

Talk amongst yourselves…


One Response to “Random Thoughts. This One Goes to 11.”

  1. daphneshadows May 12, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    How’d the spray tan go? I think I’m going to force myself to lay in the back yard…

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