Celebs: The New Suburban Validation.

23 Apr

Serena Van der Woodsen... the "country" Gossip Girl

So Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are going to be my new neighbors up here in Northern Westchester. At least that’s what I read in People or US Weekly or CelebrityWTFWhoCaresNews last week.

Which begs the question… Why do I care? Why is that some valid piece of information I feel proud to share with anyone who’s not from here? When I was a city girl, celebs were a bore. They were everywhere! I couldn’t go out to dinner, or grab my morning coffee, or make my annual mecca to the gym without running into someone (yawn) famous. One got out of the cab, I got into the cab. One crossed the street one way, I crossed the other. One stood behind me in line for the loo at Stanton Social, texting furiously to their equa-famous friends, I stood texting myself to remember to pick up T.P. and deodorant. Nothing to see here, people.

But now… now! Oh, how celebrities have taken on a different meaning. Let’s take one of my favorite little spots here in town: Little Kabab Station. I love me some Little Kabob. It’s just… such. A good. Spot. It doesn’t need any fluff. But Martha Stewart wrote about it on her blog, and somehow, that’s the first thing I tell people who haven’t tried it yet. As if it needs Martha to validate it. It doesn’t! I swear!

What happened to my cool-as-a-cucumber jadedness over celeb-hype? I’ll tell you what: the “Suburbs” happened. And now I’m forced to use any and all methods I can find to validate living here. Because it’s the suburbs. Not the city. And apparently that makes me no longer cool enough to just “be cool” with the occasional celeb-spottings. Now, I actually use them as lure. As bait! I’m ashamed… so, so ashamed.

In the end, does it validate living here? Do the celebs who occasionally trek up here to their “country” manses somehow make the “country” cooler? No. Hell to the no. I don’t really care about Catherine Zeta. Or Blake Lively. Or Chevy Chase. I care about my friends. And my neighbors. And my little, humble, grassroots attempt at trying to authentically make this a better place to live — so we no longer need to use celeb-sightings as validation of how great it is here.

Big ups, suburbs.


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