We ate like pigs. And then we ate a pig.

22 May

This weekend, in addition to being my birthday, was host to a series of food-focused fabulosity that deserves some air time.

Friday and Saturday were Westchester-based excursions — The Cookery and Tarry Lodge, respectively. If you’ve never been to either, you’re either a lazy sloth who survives on Doritos and diet Coke, or you hate Italian food. Neither are good excuses. Get your ass to one (or both) of these places, pronto.

The Cookery is Dave DiBari’s “all-hail-the-pig” lair. It’s where you’ll learn to respect the pig. Where you’ll let buttery, salty potatoes (cooked in goose fat) just melt in your mouth. Where you’ll think about resting your weary head on pillows of potato gnocchi. And it’s where you’ll watch carnivores’ pupils enlarge at the sight of pork cheek, falling straight off the bone.

And then there’s Tarry Lodge, where Mario Batali has reinvented pizza, turning it into something we as Americans probably don’t even deserve to enjoy. Here, it is dressed to the nines with bacon with a sprinkle of black truffles and accessorized with a sunny side up egg, cooked so perfectly you might believe you’ve never eaten a real “egg” before this.

Guanciale, Black Truffle and Sunny Side Egg Pizza

Guanciale, Black Truffle and Sunny Side Egg Pizza

But I digress. Anyone worth their weight in pancetta has tried one or both of these hotspots before And if you haven’t, you’ve surely read the countless reviews praising each as legendary. So no need to beat a dead horse. Or pig. (Shit, I ate both this weekend.)

Instead, I’ll focus my recap on the culinary wonderland that was The Great GoogaMooga in my favorite part of Brooklyn — Prospect Park.

Googa Mooga Alter. Bow to your idol!

Let me start by saying, we went on day two. Day one was seemingly disastrous — it would have taken a lot of legwork to find a positive comment out there about the experience. So I didn’t. Any sane person would have just bagged it on Sunday, considering the tickets were free and we wouldn’t have been out a single cent. I mean, really: who – after hearing such terrible reviews – still treks out to Brooklyn from Mt Kisco with TWO toddlers in tow, no less? (Points to self: “This girl.”) I wasn’t in it alone, however. Joined by my battalion of foodies, Jamie O’Grady, Jesse Lubinsky and Jessica Rappaport (and those aforementioned toddlers), we dove right in. And we are SO. Glad. We did.

We managed to arrive at Prospect Park at about 11am on the nose. Being one of the first throngs of folks let through the gates felt liberating: look at all those food stands!! Not a line in sight! Oy… my stomach was already asking for forgiveness.

Here’s what I gorged on, in this order:

  1. Sliders from DuMont Burger. What better way to start a Sunday morning than with some beef? Don’t judge. There was no line.
  2. Burger with Roquefort from The Spotted Pig. I meaannnnnn…. really? Do I even need to review this? Pat LaFrieda meats, you had me at hello.

Any burger “experience” area that calls on Meryl Streep AND Jules from “Pulp Fiction” is alright in my book.

  • Kasadela’s wings wrapped in nori. I have never, ever, in my life, considered wrapping crispy seaweed around a chicken wing. Until now. And I’ll never eat a chicken wing withOUT crispy seaweed wrapped around it, ever again.
  • Chicken bao from Baohaus. This was crunchy, gooey, sweet and savory. Basically all of my favorite things stuffed into one little puffy pouch.
  • Some sort of crazy bacon-wrapped hot dog smothered in guac from Crif Dogs. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. I only had one bite, because really, I didn’t feel the need to waste tummy room on it.
  • A salted peanut and chocolate covered frozen banana. I don’t even know what to say. As I stood there in the hot sun, grease already starting to emanate from my pores, and I looked down at this frozen banana covered in the most delicious dark chocolate shell, smothered with salty peanuts, I had but one thought: Clearly I was a fat girl in a previous life. There is no other excuse for this type of behavior.

Is that a salted peanut and chocolate covered frozen banana in your pocket or are you just normally a complete lard ass….

  • Fried chicken from Blue Ribbon. We all agreed this tasted like it had BBQ corn chips coating it. Which clearly made me love it even more.
  • I did not – I repeat, I did not – have relations with the foie gras donut, despite Jesse’s attempts at “ew, it’s so gross… taste it, please just taste it.” I abstained. And I’m a better woman for it.
  • A real-deal Holyfield shaved ice from Wooly’s. I’m already craving another. Insanity. This should be a summer staple for every New Yorker.
  • A bacon “flight.” In pedestrian terms, that basically means about 8 unique slabs of bacon, all in a neat little row. It was at this point my heart stopped functioning.
  • Oh, and apparently I tried horse bologna. I’m not ok with this, and I fully hold Jesse Lubinsky accountable for my inability to ever look at a pony the same way again. If ever he approaches you and tells you to “try this House Bologna sandwich,” ask him to read the sign again before you bite down. I’m just sayin’.

It should be noted that I’ve left off about 43 items from this list. It’s for everyone’s benefit, really. For me because I had to endure it all once already, and if I go through it again I’ll really need a colonic. And for you because, well… by now you’re probably starving and ought to go get yourself something to eat.

Just please, whatever you do: don’t make it a foie gras donut.


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