Solve a Riddle. Win Big.

25 May

Maybe you’ve heard of the little grassroots organization, Occupy Main Street. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you don’t like “Occupying” anything. That’s ok too, although our purpose is decidedly more community-driven than political.

Basically, my friend Maria and I want to make Mount Kisco better. We want our town to be more vibrant. We want our town to be more interesting. You know, like some of those other towns around these parts. Like Tarrytown.

What’s so wrong about that?


We’ve schemed up a little fun. Tomorrow, starting at about 9am, we’re getting all Scavenger Hunt on you. We’ll be releasing clues which will lead you to “tickets,” hidden around Mount Kisco. These tickets will equal PRIZES. And we’re not talking about beer cozies or frisbees. We’re talking about dinners at restaurants like Cafe of Love. And Pour Cafe and Wine Bar. Or gift cards from New York Dolls, for a cute new dress to start the summer off right. Score.

We hope you’ll join us. All you have to do is follow us on Facebook, here or on Twitter, here. We’ll start releasing “riddles” around 9am!


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