I’m So Busy.

3 Jul

Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool…

And quite frankly, I’m OVER saying “I’m so busy.” So when I read this piece in The New York Times the other day, I felt a weight lifted off me. It was not three hours before reading the piece that I sat in a diner having a cup of coffee with one of my very BFFs, answering the questions “How are you? How’s life? Work?” with the canned response: “Good! Sooo busy. I’m reeeeaaaaally busy at the moment.”

This has become my standard answer. Except it’s all self-inflicted, so who am I kidding? I decided to become a community organizer and cobble together some town event to bring buzz and interest to the neighborhood. I took on each of my clients. I decided to be a mom. I signed up for all of this! Why am I kvetching about how “busy” I am? STFU, me.

Those who know me know I’ve been contemplating moving out of NY with my family for a little while now. I have such a love/hate relationship with New York, and honestly, is that healthy? It can’t be, right? Maybe that explains a lot of things.  I hate how hard you have to push to succeed here. I hate how unfriendly and “annoyed” (and BUSY!) people always seem. I hate how inconvenienced everyone acts over the smallest gesture. I hate that I feel guilty if I’m not tied to my computer for 10 hours a day, at the beck and call of my current and future clients, and past ones too, maybe. Like clients returning from the dead. I’m willing to get arthritis and tight shoulders and bad eyesight and develop poor posture, for zombie clients who could emerge from the dead.

It seems like in New York, we push ourselves to stupid limits in both business and pleasure. What happened to just chilling out? What happened to being able to enjoy “quiet time” without spending it on our iPhone? Case in point: I sat on the commuter train for an hour yesterday, and had my Kindle with me. I’m reading Game of Thrones, Book 1. It’s AMAZING. Yet there I was, still sitting with my iPhone on my lap too, glancing over at it every time I clicked the next page to see if I had new emails. I mean, REALLY? I can’t tear myself away for one hour of uninterrupted reading? STFU, me.

So as the July 4th holiday is upon us, and as I stress out that I can’t go completely off the grid for a few days of family time to celebrate and relax, I hope you’ll learn from my mistakes and really just CHILL… Everything else can wait.

Happy holidays, ya’ll!


One Response to “I’m So Busy.”

  1. Nicole July 3, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    I’m learning girl. One step at a time & I’ll never use the excuse “I’m busy” ever again 🙂

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