West Elm Opens in Scarsdale

9 Jul

Are you as excited as I am? No, not because TomKat broke up. (Who cares about them… her contract was clearly up.) Because West Elm answered my prayers and FINALLY opened a store in Westchester.

The loft-like space, with its framed out center room for showcasing special collaborations


I no longer have to shlep across the GW Bridge, or into Connecticut, or to the Flatiron District, to get my home design  fix — and neither do you. Two weeks ago, Scarsdale welcomed West Elm to the Vernon Hills shopping area, bringing it’s “modern mix” aesthetic to our backyard. I call it “modern mix” because I view it as design that can be easily and seamlessly mixed in with other styles. I’m a big fan of “high/low” design and eclectic roomscapes. I don’t connect with a space at all if it doesn’t have some creatively mixed styles. Like, an all modern home feels too shiny. An all transitional home feels too Pottery Barn catalog. But taking bits and pieces from different styles and eras is what makes it “home” for me. And I think West Elm’s pieces are perfect for integrating in with other designs.

Love the editorialized styling in this store.

This season, they’ve forged exclusive partnerships with a selection of South African designers who add a really colorful layer of texture to the brand’s portfolio. Think ceramicist Gemma Orkin, the artisan collective Potter’s Workshop, and furniture designer John Vogel. In Scarsdale, the space is massive and loft-like and gets a ton of natural light, which really helps showcase these colorful Cape Town textiles and one-of-a-kind patterns.

I seriously couldn’t get enough of this homespun table, designed by John Vogel

They also seem to be dipping their toes into kitchenware, which I like to see. More attainable and design-centric than Williams Sonoma – and definitely less serious or intimidating – the items make smile-inducing hostess gifts.

The cute muslin bags these kitchen tools come in make them the perfect hostess gifts – they’re already wrapped! Throw in a bottle of wine and a great cookbook and you’re a genius…

I had fun browsing and daydreaming about all the things I’d love for my house. Seriously, like I want to redecorate every room now. Instead, I left with a pair of fabulous Turkish hand towels, with screen-printed “O”s emblazoned on them. At $10 a piece, they were an easy sell. Gorgeous, soft, and just the thing my powder room needed. (And note to my friends: you may want to make room for these somewhere in your house, because I think I’ll be getting them for everyone I know this holiday season!)



West Elm’s Scarsdale store is located at 678 Post Road in Scarsdale, in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center. 


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