UPDATED: Stepping Stones Children’s Museum

10 Jul

We finally took Jack to Stepping Stones Children’s Museum in Norwalk. And I’m SO glad we did: what a cute, CLEAN, fabulous place it is! Jack had a great time, but I think mommy might have had even more fun than he did. My eyes were lighting up around every turn. I totally have a soft spot in my heart for kid’s museums. Maybe it’s because I spent my childhood with a father who was OBSESSED with big, grown-up museums, and insisted on seeing EVERY exhibit, and reading EVERY plaque. Whenever it was “museum day” I would cringe because I knew it meant 5+ hours of boooooring medieval pottery, or science or Jewish history. Yawn. (Sorry, Dad! Love you!)

But when it was KID’S museum day, well I knew I was going to be able to explore at my own pace, learn what I wanted to learn, have fun, giggle and basically enjoy the day the way a kid is meant to.

Where we’re going, you don’t need no stinking wheels.

And now I gladly share that love for kiddo museums with my own kiddo.

You’re saying I just shoot my balls up into this cylinder and they disappear… like magic?

Just this week we visited two – a small, super-special kid’s museum in Saratoga Springs, and the aforementioned Stepping Stones in Norwalk, CT. We loved them both. But Stepping Stones has really outdone themselves with the exhibits – which have been donated by everyone from HP to Blue Man Group. They even have a fun “classroom” with tons of iPads loaded with kid-friendly apps and games. Love!

Come into my tunnel of LOVE…

Westchester is supposed to be getting it’s very own Children’s Museum one of these days, in Rye. It’s entirely donor funded, however, and doesn’t seem to have an open date. I’m guessing they are having a very hard time getting this thing off the ground, unfortunately. Their website says they still need $7.5 million. With so many mega-bucks high rollers in Westchester, you’d think someone would step up to the plate and just get ‘er done. I’m not holding my breath… although I’ll be thrilled if it comes to fruition!

Have you been to Stepping Stones? What’s your favorite kid-friendly museum?

************UPDATE!! UPDATE!! READ ALL ABOUT IT! **********

So after this blog post went up, I received a phone call from Mr. Tracy Kay, the Executive Director of Westchester Children’s Musuem.  First things first: what a nice guy! (I guess that’s part of the job description when you are part of creating something cool and amazing and fun and kid-worthy). And he clearly gets points for reading my blog. Tracy wanted to update me on where things stood with the Children’s Museum. Mainly to tell me that it is indeed a GO and they are moving and shaking and raising money like crazy (they are privately raising now, and will announce a public fundraiser later in the year). Awesome news, right?

Their plan is to be open in 18-24 months… and with 90% of their exhibits already designed, that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve!! 

Let’s just say THIS mama can’t wait for it to open. How exciting to have a brand new, state-of-the-art museum for kiddos right here in Westchester!? Are you guys excited?! 


2 Responses to “UPDATED: Stepping Stones Children’s Museum”

  1. Will July 10, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    We have some better ones in CT further east (kidcity in Middletown and the children’s museum in Hartford). After the water room at Stepping Stone, there wasnt much left to do for a toddler. That being said….I wouldn’t expect Westerchesterites to venture to far into CT though, so be sure I visit the Cape Cod children’s museum in Mashpee! totally worth it.

  2. Corinne July 18, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Sarah, thank you so much for updating your recent Stepping Stones post with fresh info from Tracy Kay, the Westchester Children’s Museum executive director. I am President of the WCM and working hard as a volunteer to keep people informed about our progress and raise the necessary funds to get the doors open. We really appreciate your support and will be sure to keep you informed about the Museum.

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