Kisco Summer Sunday is upon us

12 Jul

Blood, sweat and tears: That’s what it feels like has been put into making this Sunday’s VERY first Kisco Summer Sunday happen. Ok, that’s a little dramatic, I know. Let me back up…

A very brief recap as to how we got here:

Maria Colaco – my partner in all Westchester crimes – and I were dropping knowledge over cocktails at The Flying Pig last fall, telling sad sob stories of stores we loved that were shuttering, restaurants we adored threatened by greedy, maniacal landlords, and generally about the dull, lackluster vibe that seemed to be sweeping through Mount Kisco. When it hit us, in our completely buzzed state, that we ought to be the change we wanted to see in our town. So we set out to be just that.

What we didn’t realize is how hard it would be.

We met an endless amount of resistance from people and organizations we NEVER in a million years thought would resist us. It really tested our fortitude… and our belief and passion for helping revive Mt Kisco. But we kept on keeping on.

Countless news articles, radio interviews, blog posts, town meetings, and meetings with the Mayor later, and we had come up with what we thought was a really positive event meant to bring buzz to Mount Kisco, and get people into town to enjoy community and feel good about the place they live.

This is how Kisco Summer Sunday was born.

And now, just a few days from the event, and I feel proud to be part of something, however “small” it is on the grand scale of change. I feel proud to have organized and rallied the troops, collected donations from sponsors, booked a band, a stage, set up vendor agreements, ordered banners, postcards and posters, booked kids’ activities… all with the help of my very small, 100% volunteer team who have truly been instrumental in making all of this happen. A HUGE thank you to Maria, Petra, Cyndi and Cathy!

I hope to see all of you on Sunday. I hope to see your families, and see you taking part in something grassroots and special. I hope you enjoy the music, the weather, the food, and the fun. I hope you remind your friends and neighbors to come down and be part of this with you. This event is about change — it’s about being the change. It’s about making this a better place, together. And that is something that should be important to us all.

Thanks for all of your support. See you at KiSS!


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