Little Man is Turning 2!

8 Aug

1 day old, 1 year old, and almost 2. WOWZA!

Unreal. Jack turns 2 on Friday. Two years of parenting under my belt. I can say with confidence, it was nothing like I thought it would be and everything that I hoped it would be. Jack is the coolest kid in the world, with a laugh that can cure any bad day, a smile that is infectious, and the sweetest personality I could ever hope for in a little boy.

Happy Birthday, Jack! Here are the top ten things you’ve taught me so far:

1)    It’s much more fun when you tag a “y” onto the end of everything. Like “hug-y” and “lunchy” and “drinky.” (I think mommy’s clients agree.)

2)    Throwing out “gahbage” can be a very good way to spend 2 hours. And no one should judge otherwise.

3)    TRRRRRRRRRRUCKS!!!! are indeed the most exciting things in the universe. And they should be acknowledged as such. Every. Time. We. See. One.

4)    A person can survive on peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt alone. Thank you for dispelling the rumor.

5)    The word “shooshee,” whatever it means, will always elicit a monster giggle from you, which makes it pretty much the most valuable non-word in my vocabulary.

6)    Unlocking an iPhone, scrolling through the various screens and folders, and finding all the apps you like to play was a fun game when you were one. Now that you’re two I’ll have to step it up and get you an internship at Tumblr before you get bored.

7)    When in doubt, call Ammy and Papa.

8)    Negotiating for 3 bedtime stories (instead of just one) only requires being coy and saying, “lah-loo Mommy…peez?”

9)    Sleeping beyond 6am is for the weak. 6am is the perfect time to watch Despicable Me! In its entirety! In our bed! (EVERY day….)

10) The best things in life are hugs, snuggles and kisses from you, despite how messy they may be at the time.


What fun thing(s) have your kids taught you? Please share with me!


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