A farm-to-table restaurant you should know about. (Part 2 of my ‘Meet Me in Westchester’ series)

5 Sep

It’s called Härth, and it’s the newest addition to the Westchester dining scene.

The funny thing is, it’s also the newest addition to the Westchester hotel scene. Because it’s set inside a hotel. And it’s a hotel you wouldn’t expect to find yourself in for an amazing, locavore-inspired feast.

It’s inside the Hilton Westchester. (Gasp!)

Those folks at Hilton are up to something. They’re doing their research. They’re reading the Yelp reviews. They’re spying on celebrity chefs. They know that it’s high time Hilton emerged from the shadows and put itself on the map in some way – not just as a reliable, heritage brand of hotels that offers solid accommodation, but as a… wait for it… a dining destination.

In Westchester, you say? The Hilton in Rye Brook? Hmm.

I know, it’s easy to be a skeptic. I was. But then the bottles of Veuve Cliquot were popped. And I was led to a table that was beautifully set. And I had views of the open “kitchen” concept – which centers around the “hearth,” where the crux of the cooking takes place. And I met Chef Rafael Velasquez who has an impressive background working as executive chef for St. Regis, W Hotels and more. And did I mention he’s super cute?

Hey ladies! THIS is Chef Rafael! ; )

And then they brought out a charcuterie plate. Like, the longest, wooden platter I’ve ever seen, with beautiful slices of duck prosciutto, and pate, and soppresatta, and sautéed mushrooms, and cheeses…oh the cheeses!

It is the charcuterie plate that never ends… it just goes on and on my friends

We ate course after course of food that was thoughtfully prepared and paired with fabulous wines. We ate, and we ate. And then someone mentioned going to a tiki bar in Rye and I just about rolled off my seat. What?

But DAMN was it a good meal.

Härth restaurant officially opens this month. You can ‘like’ Chef Rafael’s page on Facebook to receive up-to-date news and info as to its opening.

I was not monetarily compensated for this post, however I was plied with very expensive champagne (I’m not complaining) and a 72 course meal (I’m only slightly exaggerating) compliments of Hilton Westchester, Westchester County Tourism & Film, and The New York Mom. So am I biased? You’ll have to go see for yourself.


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