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Week one in the RTP: a recap

5 Oct

Getting our pizza fix.

So we’ve survived our first week down south. Here’s a recap of what’s gone down in Raleigh-town:

  • I’m realizing how jaded, bitter, and unfriendly service people in New York are. And how there is no accountability for this behavior. Down south, service people are friendly, approachable, and genuinely interested when they say “gooooood mornin’ ma’am! How’s your day goin’ so far?” I mean seriously, ya’ll. Who knew a cup of coffee could come with such cheer??
  • Cleanliness is clearly next to godliness. Literally. Down here they are super-tuned in to both. The churches here are about the size of The Westchester. I’ve never seen anything quite like it – and streets and sidewalks are SPOTLESS. Like, eat off them spotless. People here just seem to care more about their environs. Word up to that.
  • It’s a kid’s world. This area is MADE for kids. Everywhere I turn I see a playground or park. And each one is bigger and more amazing than the last. Last night we hit up a park in Durham that hosts a “First Thursday” night, with awesome, local, totally hipster food trucks serving up everything from pizza to “peace pops” to locally crafted ice cream. Hundreds of kids were just running around, jumping, playing, doing wheelbarrow races, and generally just having an awesome, old-fashioned “kid” time while moms and dads hung out, chatted, and chowed. It was like Park Slope. In the south.
  • Bugs are bigger here. And just like in New York, they like me. A lot. I’m already covered in red, splotchy bites which I can’t help but scratch at constantly. Not cute. I’mma have to find a serious bug spray, hopefully one that won’t kill me with chemicals. Like the things on this list. 
  • People of Raleigh eat well. Really well. We aren’t exactly “set up” in this corporate apartment to be able to do a whole lot of cooking (the kitchen is great and modern, but their version of “furnished” includes one small pot and a pan big enough to cook one measly little piece of chicken in). So we’ve been eating out and ordering in. And let’s just say, we haven’t had a bad meal yet. Not even a mediocre one. From chinese food to Mexican to locavore fresh, I’m seriously impressed. And considering how important food is to my happiness and stability, the hubby is very, very thankful as well.
  • The sheer options in terms of grocery stores. No longer am I relegated to A&P as the only option in town. (Unless I counted overpriced Mrs. Greens, which I didn’t, because it was wildly overpriced.) Here I’ve got Trader Joes, Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Harris Teeter all within a mile or so of one another. Each one I visit is better than the last. They’re big, they’re super-stocked, they’re CHEAPER than back home, and did I mention the people that work there are FRIENDLY?? How novel!
  • Parents aren’t as concerned with outward appearances. Kids act like kids. No one here seems to bat an eye at a public tantrum, whereas back home I felt like all eyes were on me, judging, if Jack so much as made a peep in a coffee shop or cafe. This could be a game changer.
  • The weather is ridiculous. It’s October and it’s like 78-85 degrees and sunny. I sooo did not expect it to be this warm still, and didn’t pack appropriately at all for my month of “interim” living. I totally look like a Northern outcast, in my jeans and sweaters, while everyone else around me is in flip flops and shorts.

Anyone have any more NY-vs-the-world differences to share?


My Westchester To-Do List

16 Aug

Do you have one? Recently I was thinking about the things I still want to do here in my own backyard… or things I want to do again because I loved them so much the first time. Here’s my list:

  1. Take Jack to Stone Barns Center for their egg collecting. Jack loves to be a big helper, and I’m excited to teach him where food comes from. What better place to do that than the holy grail of agricultural centers? And it’s right here! Like 5 minutes away!
  2. Speaking of Stone Barns… I need to eat at Blue Hill again.  Sure, hubby and I did it once, and once is certainly more than most people will eat there, considering the financial commitment and reservation restraints. But couldn’t we just do it one more time? Just one more, I promise. It was seriously the best meal I’ve had in my lifetime.
  3. Because so many of my favorite experiences revolve around food, I’d also like to eat at Tarry Lodge again. If I have to spend the rest of my life having only had that Guanciale, Black Truffles and Sunny Side Egg once, I just might die from sadness. It’s like crack. On pizza.
  4. Visit Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. It’s practically in my backyard. And yet six years living in Westchester and I haven’t made it over there for a concert or a walk through their supposed-magical gardens. What a doofus.
  5. Spend a day at Rye Town Park and Beach. When you think of Westchester, you don’t really think “beach.” But in May, we visited the Rye beaches for the first time and were super impressed with their “kid friendliness.” Plus, I love how it opens up onto a really beautiful, expansive park, making for a great day of beach-going/picnicking. And seriously, being able to lay on the beach 20 minutes from my house instead of trekking to Long Island or the Jersey Shore is a major plus. (So why haven’t I been doing this every summer??)
  6. Spend some days at W@tercooler in Tarrytown. It’s a cool co-working space run by a cool chick who is so dedicated to her space and her people and her craft that she spends her free time signing up awesome workshops, events and parties for W@tercooler’s off-hours. Seriously, if you work from home, or just work independently in some fashion, come pick up a day or week pass and see what this co-working thing is all about. The coffee is included!
  7. Spend an afternoon strolling around at Ridge Hill. I was there when Whole Foods first opened, but that was before most of the other stores had opened. I also ate at Yard House once, and it was surprisingly good. Now, I keep hearing all about how amazing the Lord & Taylor is, and then there’s the exciting news about Legoland coming in and creating a monster-sized kid-zone for all the local LegoHeads… I really have to get down there and see for myself what’s happening in Yonkers!
  8. Use the fire pit in our yard. We’ve been in this house for four years. FOUR YEARS. And when we bought it, we were totally excited about the built-in stone and brick fire-pit in the yard. It has log benches around it, and I could just picture us with our friends hanging out with some boozy cocktails and s’mores and having a fun little fire party after dark. Alas, we have never, ever even sat on one of those little benches. WTF? Who’s coming over, and can you bring the marshmallows?
  9. Check out some bike trails. Hubby and I bought new bikes last year, and a sweet little seat for Jack on the back of hubby’s bike. We’ve been biking around the Croton reservoir a few times, but seriously… there are SO many trails and mountains and places to ride around here, and with fall coming, there is no excuse: let the bike riding excursions commence!! (Do you have a favorite place you like to bike?)
  10. Take a boat ride on the Hudson. I’m not picky as to whether this is by canoe or sailboat or booze cruise – I just want to experience chilling on the water and taking in the Hudson Valley from that vantage point.

What’s on your Westchester bucket list? Do tell!

If Zombies Took Over Westchester.

23 Oct

Hey neighbor, you think I could borrow a cup of sugar? Or tear you to pieces?

So I’m back on the bandwagon for AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” the second season of which started this week. The season premiere literally scared the pants right off my tush, but I’m going to keep watching anyway. I figure at the least, maybe I’ll learn some defense tactics in the event that zombies take over Westchester.

Here’s my breakdown of what would happen if zombies did indeed take over:

  • Chappaqua is the first town to go. Why? They still haven’t finished the construction on that bridge over the tracks, making egress that much more difficult. Sorry, my Chappy friends. I hope it isn’t painful. I suggest zipping over to Marmalade this week to pick up some festive tableware for “The Last Supper.”
  • Target is ransacked, as people rush to stock up on water, Archer Farms cookies and Missoni for Target products for their end of days.
  • Walmart is the second place people run to, to stock up on guns and ammo, and snap a few final pictures of oddly dressed Walmart shoppers to send in to the People of Walmart blog.
  • Caroline Corley, being the witty 107.1 Peak DJ that she is, sets the station to replay “The Monster Mash” over and over again, interrupted only for that commercial about what “Nyack is.”
  • Whole Foods White Plains stops validating for parking, causing panic and pandemonium. Irate and scared customers impulsively buy stretch pants at Destination Maternity to get their $3 parking charge covered.
  • Frannie’s Goodie Shop is wiped out, as looters go to town on all the DIY fro-yo and toppings they can eat before judgment day. (Sugar-free strawberry, of course, remains untouched.)