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Random Thoughts.

29 Mar

1. I’m really pissed off that Mother Nature had to tease us with spring, encouraging my magnolia tree to prematurely bloom, only to freeze the crappers out of it 2 nights ago, turning the entire thing into a brown, brittle, hot mess.

2. I don’t know why everyone loves going to the movies so much. It’s stupid expensive, the floor is always sticky and the seats aren’t that comfy. I’d much rather wait for DVD and get my Netflix on, curled up in my Snuggie.

3. Gummy bears have officially been made a food group. What, you didn’t hear?

4. Why do newscasters always shellac their hair to within an inch of its life? Actors don’t do that… why must newscasters? It’s not helping your cause, you know, to have that helmet blow out.

5. It makes me feel old that when I think back to college, the “internet” was kind of this new thing that everyone was talking about. I used to have to go down to the computer lab and get in line to check my email at an “email station.” And pretty much the only thing in my email was a reminder to change my password. Not 1,400 unread messages, 1,100 of them from brand promotions and spam.

6. My 20-month-old can not sit through an entire episode of Dora the Explorer, but he can sit through “Despicable Me” in it’s entirety. I’m convinced this is testament to his creative intellect. And, because Dora’s talking map couldn’t be more annoying, obviously.

7. My dog has pooped in the house every single day this week. That is all.

8. Ghirardelli brownies are far superior than any other boxed variety, and I’ve taken credit on more than one occasion for them being homemade. Is that so wrong?

9. This whole printed denim thing is just wrong. I’m sorry. I’m not ok with it. Unless you’ve got pencil thighs, printed pants are just not cute.

10.  Speaking of not cute, I really, REALLY don’t like those toe-shoes. Every time I see someone wearing them I think about how sweaty each of those little toe compartments must get. Ew. Gross. Just walk barefoot for crying out loud.

11. But toe cleavage is totally fine.

When in doubt, un-suck it.


Words of Wisdom Wednesday

28 Mar

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Dining Out with Littles.

21 Mar

If only meals out could be this civilized.

Admission: I used to be one of those snobby diners who’d glare at parents waltzing into a restaurant with their “Littles” in tow, armed with coloring books and toys and handheld DVD players. I mean really, how uncivilized can you get, you barbarian parents, to take your kids out in public. You gave up the right to dine out when you brought those sugar-boogers into the world.

And then, I too became a parent. And all that B.S. superiority went right out the door with the recycling. As we celebrated Jack’s arrival, Jamie and I talked about how we were going to be “cool” parents — you know, the same ones we once mocked for still enjoying things like dinners out. We were certain we could pull off this “new parent cool” like Angelina and Brad, their tabloid photos showing them completely unfazed by their 14-child brood,  captured in their natural habitat doing totally hip things like drinking coffee al fresco at at a cute corner bistro, or sharing pancakes and laughs at a Zagat-rated brunch spot. If their kids can be photographed looking civilized and totally cute for these types of activities, well certainly ours will be able to, we thought. “We’ll train ’em young – take ’em out from the get-go,” we said.

My, how naive we were. And still are, mind you. Because we just don’t learn. We still attempt, at least once every 2 weeks or so, to dine out with our Little – he’s now almost 20 months old. And each time, he throws a total fit (right when our food arrives), screaming, lurching around, doing the “my body has no bones” thing when you try to pick him up and hold him. It’s a sight. We’ve tried “activity kits” that include stickers (which for every other parent seems to be the miracle drug), iphones, fake phones, coloring books, regular books… All the things that have Jack’s attention at home. Hmph. And so now we are the parents getting leered at by snobby non-parents (or smarter parents who simply left their kids at home). Hey Angie and Brad: how cool are we?

In our endless quest for sane meals out with Jack, we have found a couple of local spots that are generally “safe” for cheerio droppage, the occasional whine, and tabletops piled with activities that won’t freak out other diners.

Wobble Cafe – This little Ossining spot is so cute, and I just wish we had something like it here in Kisco. They pride themselves on being kid-friendly, and even have a play area set up toward the back. They make a pretty kick-ass breakfast too, which makes it one of our favorite weekend spots for near-hassle-free dining.

Mount Kisco Diner – They may or may not agree about being a contender here, because I think they fancy themselves to be a “finer” dining establishment than your average greasy spoon, but the reality is, it’s just an expensive diner – and I’m ok if my kid colors while I eat here, or even throws the occasional cheerio or ten.

Bellizzi – This is really the #1 contender in the “Dining with Littles” category. They wrote the book on how to have a meal someone else cooks and serves, all while your kid (safely) goes bonkers in a padded playroom and you stay sane with a glass of wine. This is our go-to spot when I can’t bring myself to cook, and leftovers just sound so… well, leftover-y.

So hey all you smarter-than-me parents, it’s time to dish: What are your favorite kid-friendly eateries, and what do you keep in your kiddo bag of tricks?? Help a (new) mama out!!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

21 Mar

Because bad only looks good on 22 year old boys.

It’s Foodie Week in Westchester!

19 Mar

Ah, finally, a celebration I can really get behind. One that involves FOOD. It’s Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, which is actually two weeks long. So I’m not sure why they don’t call it Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks. Minor infraction, I guess.

Last week I participated in a Twitter party hosted by Maria Colaco and Westchester Tourism, during which we talked food for an hour – and guess who chatted with us? None other than Peter Kelly of X20 and Iron Chef and all that jazz. Who by the way, only has a handful of Twitter followers. How is that even possible?? He’s like a food genius. If Tom Colicchio can amass 278,000 followers, Chef Peter Kelly should have at least that. I mean, what does that Colicchio dude even do besides act sarcastic on Top Chef? Does the man even cook? So go follow Peter Kelly. Poor guy…

I digress. The Twitter chat was great, and not just because I won a $100 gift certificate to Fig & Olive (Scarsdale), but because I got to chat with Fig & Olive peeps. Which makes them human, and friendly, and that makes dining there feel even more special. Which reminds me, it’s why I love getting emails from Crabtree’s Kittle House – they are fun, down to earth, and they don’t take themselves too seriously, despite their epicurean pedigree. (Note to self: I think I should make a Restaurant Week rezzie there too.)

This year I’m going to try to hit up some HVRW spots for lunch. I usually do the dinner thing, but it’s been a rough few weeks and the hubby and I are sort of on opposing schedules at the moment (I blame the Knicks and his new moonlighting career as a sports writer.) So lunch means I can get some quality time with friends for a fraction of the cost. Win win (except for the hubby, I guess it’s lose, lose for him). Wednesday I’ll be heading over to The Cookery, because really, what better place to enjoy a fabulous meal than one where the staff wear t-shirts that read “Eat More Bone Marrow”?

Where will you be dining this week?

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

14 Mar

You know you do it too.

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

7 Mar